The successful implementation of the Zeous Power Module into the Turbinique Wind Engine V9 will move this project forward with great speed.

The offering of these tiny homes is rooted in self-reliance. Being able to park anywhere and manufacture your own electricity as a stand-alone machine and super comfy residence.

Expect this project to move forward quickly - For your personal happiness and enjoyment!

Hestia the Greek Goddess of Architecture is the driving force behind Hestia Tiny Homes which is brought to you by our parent company www.globaldataresearch.org

The originator and Chief Scientist who created www.globaldataresearch.org intensely researched and designed a series of tiny homes which you can build on your own. 

These homes are suitable for *ANY* location to include as a water-borne home.

The need for affordable and good housing cannot be understated. While Mr. Walters (our Chief Scientist) traveled Europe on many occasion he observed with clarity how the vast majority of Europeans live very good lives with reduced space. 

With this in mind Mr. Walters brings to you Hestia Tiny Homes.
The driving science behind these tiny homes presented by Hestia Tiny Homes are rooted in very practical principles:

Build-it-yourself -or- Purchase pre-built, is up to you......

1. High Fire Resistance

2. Extreme Longevity

3. Extreme Light Weight

4. Stunningly Beautiful

5. Exemplary Construction

6. Trailerable

7. Floatable

8. Extreme Strength

9. Permanent Installations

10. Extreme Insulation
All of our tiny homes are of all-metal construction using aircraft and/or structural grade aluminum alloys and steel where necessary.

The construction of these tiny homes are on the same order as a light aircraft. Many of the light aircraft in operation were manufactured on average 50 years ago with brands such as Piper and Cessna leading the pack.

Using this advantage to your overall good these homes are large sheets of metal and preformed steel studs which are riveted together in the very same fashion as an aircraft

By building a Hestia Tiny Home you will live in as much luxury as you can add to the design. With our home YOU decide if you want a steeple type roof line for cathedral ceilings -or- a box structure to maximize space. YOU also decide where to put the front / back door, windows, window types, etc. Our plans give you detailed instructions for the basic structural layout to include rules which cannot be ignored due to structural strength requirements i.e. beam placement / wall placement, etc.

Our plans maximize your planning and efficiency in order for you to build on your budget to arrive at a result you will be happy with for years and years. 

Also something to keep in mind is due to the outright strength and lightness of our design your resale value will be commensurate to the amount of effort you put into your tiny home. You can even make a business out of building from our plans with a pre-arranged license agreement. This gives you full access to support and engineering for practically any design your customer wishes. By becoming a Hestia Tiny Home Affiliate you can advertise that you are a Hestia Tiny Home Approved Builder / Provider and Repairman.

By living in a Hestia Tiny Home you will experience a reduction of stress from the removal of the normal home upkeep and cash outflows. 

With a Hestia Tiny Home when you are finished you OWN YOUR HOME!

Here at Hestia Tiny Homes we do things differently.....We think about it......