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The Greek Goddess of Architecture and brings to you Hestia Tiny Homes. 

These homes are from the vivid intelligence of our Chief Scientist: Mr. Jonathan R. Walters the originator of

Mr. Walters is an avid aviator, technician, designer, and architect of the emergent world class aircraft "Intrepid Explorer". 

From a purely scientific methodology of delivering the very best living contained within a small package which is available to any person who truly wishes to live a good and inexpensive you go!

These homes are built no differently than any run of the mill light aircraft flying today.

But do not be dismayed - you are not building an are building a home. A tiny home built in the method and manner as a light aircraft which travels hundreds of miles per hour and manufactured 50+ years ago and still in service is the method you will build your tiny home. It is not a difficult task and our plans break everything down for you with support only an email away

Here are the advantages:

1. High Fire Resistance - all metal construction - no wood for structural elements.

2. Extreme Longevity - With proper upkeep will last hundreds of years.

3. Light Weight - All aluminum and partial steel construction is an order of magnitude lighter than wood.

4. Stunningly Beautiful - Polish the metal to a mirror finish or paint to your hearts' content

5. Exemplary Construction - All metal with every structural element riveted and/or bolted to another makes for a semi-monocoque construction which is
     extremely strong.

6. Trailerable - So lightweight a 30 foot intelligently engineered home (such as the Intrepid Explorer) can be trailered easily by a 6 cylinder two-wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee.

7. Floatable - Place on float drums and moor out on your favorite body of water. No taxes. Generate your own fresh water via reverse osmosis. Generate your own power with both wind and solar combined.

8. Extreme Strength - Just like an airplane flying at hundreds of miles per hour your tiny home will withstand the blast from  extreme weather safely when
     properly secured to the Earth.

9. Permanent Installations - Manufacture on-site.

10. Extreme Insulation - Hold in the heat in winter and stay frigid in the summer.
All of our tiny homes are of all-metal construction using aircraft grade aluminum alloys and steel where necessary.
The construction of these tiny homes are on the same order as a light aircraft. Many of the light aircraft in operation were manufactured on average 50 years ago with brands such as Piper and Cessna leading the pack.

Using this advantage to your overall good these homes are large sheets of metal and preformed steel studs which are riveted together in the very same fashion as an aircraft. Instead of nailing you are riveting and bolting. FAR stronger construction!

What are you waiting for?

Here at Hestia Tiny Homes we do things differently from everybody else......We think about it...