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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why do your competitors say steel studs cannot be used?

Answer - My competitors are rooted in traditional home building constructs. They are not career aviation technicians nor Top-Tier Aviation Inspectors and Designers such as myself. These "competitors" have no clue how to build a permanent, safe, and immensely strong structure (like an airplane) which gives not only me the advantage but also gives YOU the advantage.  My designs are rooted in the same principles of aircraft design and construction. These aircraft have clearly shown the ability to withstand immense wind speeds and loads while carrying Human Beings safely for decades on end. I am "crossing-over" industrial modes of construct from one industry to another. Currently *ONLY* Hestia Tiny Homes via our parent company is capable of using the methods and engineering of one specific industry and then bring the best of those methods into a completely different industry for superior design and construct.

Q - Can your tiny home be modified in length / width / height for a specific installation?

Answer - YES! Providing you adhere to hard-set rules of structural construction outlined in our step-by-step guide you can increase or decrease the size of your "Intrepid Explorer" design in accordance with your needs.

Q- Can your tiny home be made into a houseboat?

Answer  -YES! A plan addendum is available for those who wish to build the "Intrepid Explorer" as a water-borne home.

Q - Can I move the sink / countertops to another location?

Answer - YES! The "Intrepid Excplorer" plans are for the basic shell with guidlines on how to install various items such as a stand-up shower / washer & dryer / stove, etc, etc. With a Hestia Tiny Homes plans set you are free to place your kitchen / bath / living / sleeping where you want them to be. The Model 21 picture provided on this website is purely for illustrative purposes.