The Model 12F is a variant of the Model 12A which has been manufactured on large perma-float drums for use on your favorite body of water.

With this design you will have access to unfettered power production via Turbinique Wind Engine and solar power generation. Couple this with a reverse osmosis water making system and you will have a 100% totally self-sufficient Tiny Home.

The generous deck space serves to provide freedom of movement and to contain choppy waters from smashing into the side of your Tiny home. 

The frontal area of the home / deck is knife-edged to act as a wind cutting medium which greatly decreases wind "upset" (rocking / rolling / anchor drag). This space is put to excellent use as both the container for the battery bank, power modules, fireplace, and entertainment center.

Your sleeping loft is via a spiral staircase and is situated above the kitchen / bath area. This loft is full size with 6'6" headroom clearance and a huge skylight to sleep under the stars.

With a Model 12F you will have the advantage of living on the water anywhere you choose. Use your dinghy and tow your home to anchor as you wish. 

Your bath will use a self-composting toilet - so never a pump-out required. 

There are no taxes and no registration requirements with a floating tiny home The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a dramatic landmark case that a home is a home is a home whether it be floating on the water or not.