Model 21

The "Intrepid Explorer" as shown above is an all-metal design with aircraft design roots. This design is extremely lightweight, robust in strength and is highly fire resistant.  Unlike other "light weight" designs there is no wood nor fiberglass involved with this tiny home construction. The placement of windows and other details is simply to illustrate one of millions of possibilities of how you can order your Hestia Tiny Home.

The entire tiny home is constructed with both aircraft and structural grade sheet metals and steel studs. These panels are either riveted and/or bolted together. There are no nails. This design is incredibly strong and with only the minimal upkeep will last hundreds of years. The thermal barrier designed-in will ensure the minimal fuel usage for both heating and airconditioning. The acoustic barrier designed-in ensures a nice, quiet home.

The light weight means you will use less fuel towing this tiny home and concurrently you can use a much smaller vehicle than would otherwise be necessary for the other tiny homes offered by other companies.

So again..what are you waiting for?
DISCLAIMER: Due to the overwhelming and burdensome regulatory environment our government has foisted upon us I cannot and will not warrant any of these plans are suitable for a particular installation and / or locality. There are well over 100,000 different regulations which vary greatly from locality to locality. These regulations by far mostly entail permanent structures within a certain city or township lateral boundary.

It has been the experience of Hestia Tiny Homes that when one of our homes are built on an existing legal trailer, such as a car-hauler, the tiny home is still legally registered as a car-hauler. 

This is YOUR life and by our U.S. Constitution you have an In-alienable RIGHT to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.